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"Christine is one of a kind master of many disciplines, which she weaves together to challenge, heal, and make her clients stronger inside and out. During my career as a professional dancer, I worked with countless movement professionals in a range of disciplines. Only a handful of them truly understood the human body and was in tune with their students. Christine is without a doubt one of these rare teachers. With Christine, I don't worry about getting injured and I can be fully in my body to completely focus on the movements. Being able to let go and put 100% of myself into her unique and powerful class is so valuable to me. 

The class I'm currently taking, Christine's Pilates and Reiki Zoom class, is more than my favorite Pilates class I've ever taken, it's above and beyond. From the beginning of the first session, I felt supported and comfortable in my body. As well as her inspiring mastery of the Pilates technique, Christine brings infectious bright energy and exciting challenges. She concludes the class with an insightful and powerful Reiki healing session. She has a gift for seeing what is holding people back and empowering them to take charge of their bodies and lives. 

After every class with Christine, I leave my mat stronger. I'm amazed that in just a few classes I see more muscle definition in my body. On top of physical strength, I feel full of positive loving energy for myself and the world. Needless to say, I look forward to her class every week!"

Leandra Ziegler

"Christine is such a gentle and intuitive soul. She has such a way of truly aligning the mind, body, and spirit into her holistic workout. Her calm and cheerful nature pulls you right along with her throughout her demanding workouts. At the end of each session my joints feel lubricated, my mind feels centered, and my spirit is soaring."

Lieselle Trinidad


“Christine is such an intuitive spirit; she brings her intuition and empathy into each session as a pathway to progress. Working with Christine helped me reconnect my spirit and body. My core is stronger, my heart is open, and I believe that I can do things that I once thought were simply dreams. Christine is one of a kind and I’m so grateful to know and work with her.”

Jennifer Martella

"Christine's energy sessions are amazing!  She has helped my anxiety decrease and energy levels increase.  Even with virtual sessions -  afterward, my pain was gone and felt calm and peaceful.  I am feeling good and am so happy! Christine is an intuitive and powerful Guru!"

Shashi Singh


"After Christine's class, I feel way more optimistic.  This world is crazy right now and no matter what is going on 'out there', I feel my inner strength, empowered and resilient.  It's like a brand new day."

Tracy Griffiths

Pilates with Ball

Christine, and Pilates, have helped me recover from two shoulder surgeries and one knee surgery and regain my athletic fitness and function.  As a lifelong athlete (hockey, soccer, rowing, tennis, biking), I had punished my body to the point where I couldn’t recover on my own, and I had tried everything.  I was referred to Christine, and after a few private sessions I knew she understood what my physical issues were, and we had a plan to correct and compensate for them.  Within a few weeks, I was feeling better, and within a few months, I was back to enjoying my other athletic pursuits.  Thanks, Christine!!

Doug Maurer

Thank you, Christine, for creating workouts that help the mind, body, and soul. 
Every morning I wake up feeling like my energy is lacking and my body is arthritic due to my Lyme Disease. After Pilates and Reiki with you, I feel so much more revived like you have breathed new life into my fatigued mind, weary body, and depleted soul.

Samantha Willard

Christine does great work for both my body and spirit. She pushes me to my limits, making me want to swear at her and hug her all at once.  I love the way she focuses on what each exercise does for our bodies and the importance of strengthening that particular muscle. I’ve also been enjoying the added bonus of taking time in class to examine the mental side of the mind-body connection. I look forward to my hour of sweat and zen with her every week!

Cathleen Guzman

I have been taking Christine's Pilates-Reiki class for several months now. 

First of all, Christine definitely knows her stuff and I definitely feel stronger physically- YAY!  

My personal favorite is how welcoming and easy she is to be around, her openness and humor truly make the workout fun and unintimidating! 

I am also inspired weekly by her Reiki work and talking meditations that have inspired growth in my life.

Last week I ordered my Starter Kit of Young Living Essential Oils through Christine and she is helping me find wonderful new ways to add essential oils to my life.

I love adding positive people and inspiring experiences in my life- WIN! 

She is a GEM!!  

Anna Weidling

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