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What To Expect During Your First Reiki Session

If you're feeling tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed by chronic health issues lately, it may be time to try something a little bit different from traditional Western medicine. While modern medical techniques can be incredibly helpful, sometimes, going back to traditional remedies is simply more effective. At Evolve Your Core, I am proud to offer virtual Reiki to my clients right now, as well as an in-person Reiki session after COVID-19 precautions are lifted.

Ancient healers believed in the flow of energy in the body. Reiki uses both the art of healing touch and high vibrational energy long-distance healing to redirect the flow of energy through the body. It's believed that redirecting the flow of energy can cause blockages to move and change, releasing health issues and tensions caused by stagnant energy. Many people report that they feel a stark difference in their health after just one Reiki session, while others report that it takes a few sessions for them to feel the effects. As your Reiki Master, I will work with you to ensure that you're continuing to make progress through the duration of your sessions.

If you're new to the world of Reiki, or you're just beginning to get into the world of natural healing, Evolve Your Core is here to make you feel comfortable and at home through every step of the process. I know how nerve-wracking it can be to try something new, and I'm here to answer your questions and make you feel right at home. If you're ready to reach out and schedule your first virtual Reiki session, or you simply want to learn more about the reiki process, I'd love to talk with you. Reach out today!

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