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Chakra Balancing: How It Can Help You

We are all made of an invisible energy field and need a tune-up or reset during times of distress for well being.   The body's seven chakras work together to balance the flow of energy in the body. When the chakras are not balanced, many people feel out of sorts and may experience stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other issues that are hard to cure. Chakra balancing is a type of energy healing bodywork that can help to restore your chakras to their optimal state, leaving you feeling healthy and at peace.

When you have your first chakra balancing session, your practitioner will work with you to scan your chakras and find what areas of your energy need to be balanced. Through communication, touch, and energy reading, your practitioner will balance your energy levels, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored for long after your chakra balancing session.

Ready to have a renewed outlook on life? Craving some balance?  Evolve Your Core here to help. Reach out today to learn about our Energy Healing and Chakra balancing sessions. I am not only a Healing Arts Practioner and Reiki Master, but I am also a Pilates Instructor to help you with exercises for strength and flexibility, and other health and fitness needs. At Evolve Your Core, I'm here to work with you to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals, from exercises for strength and flexibility to CranioSacral Therapy, and energy bodywork that can help to restore your mind and spirit. Reach out today to learn more.

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